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ETS is a team of education experts, researchers and assessment developers who believe that, through learning, people can improve their situations in life and make incredible contributions to the world.

We also believe that by designing our assessments with industry-leading insight, rigorous research and an uncompromising commitment to quality, we can advance equity and help education and workplace communities make informed decisions about people and programs.

Above all else, we are passionate about our mission, which serves as both a north star for our strategy and a pulse-check for everything we do. All of our programs and services are evaluated based on how well they help us achieve this purpose.


Success is a choice, not a coincidence

CLI as a trusted brand in the business working for more than 15 years as for highly recommended.

Enthusiasm in progressive approach and the willingness of improvement has opened up new horizons benefiting from the employment of experts as the R&D groups separately to both Young Adults and Adult’s departments. To be the first and only institution having designed and published its own book series according to the curriculum strategies makes CLI remarkable in the field. Having had produced a material based software series compatible with the CLI curriculum for the first time in the country, CLI became even more credible and known throughout Iran. CLI Online Courses being exposed to many Middle Eastern clients due to its competitive price worldwide was the beginning of the journey of becoming an international institution.

Now after 2 years of locally representing the EPA we are honored to have been chosen as the EPA –ETS Preferred Associate- for the territory of IRAN. This makes CLI count as one of the 150 Language academies worldwide with ETS approval as an authorized and exclusive partner.